Tamil English Multilingual Web Interface Design

Imagine your self with out the knowledge of English or other modern languages. How will you use a computer? How can you e-mail a friend, browse the Internet, or listen to MP3 on line? You can not. In some cases the limitation extends to entire societies who lack the Information and Communication Technological (ICT) infrastructure needed to support computing in their respective languages. Just like reading, writing, and numeracy, computing is a sphere of modern... Type: Project

Multi-layer Perceptron Pattern Classification

Artificial neural network can classify groups. Multi-layer perceptron (back propagation) is suitable and widely used to solve complex classification problems. The aim of the project was to "illustrate the learning behavior of back-propagation neural network for pattern classification". In particular, the task was to write a MATLAB program to implement the back propagation algorithm to classify two classes defined by the following... Type: Project

Engineering Method

All humans are engineers. Humans engineered the civilization from nature. By engineering we assert our freewill. We intend to engineer a better world in this random universe. The subject of this paper is the method with which we engineer.

Engineering implies a method. A method to design, to improve, or understand a product. We are aware of the scientific method: hypothesis, experiment, and theory; however, the method implied in...
Type: Article

Active Filter Design

A filter allows for useful frequencies of electronic signals to pass through while blocking or suppressing noise and unwanted frequencies. Using resistors, capacitors, and inductors filters can be designed. For low frequency filters op-amps instead of inductors are used, in order to avoid bulkiness and difficult production requirements. The later is called the active filter, and prior passive filter. Active filter design... Type: Project

Switch Mode Power Supply Implementation

The purpose was to construct a step-down switch-mode power supply with an output of 5v DC, and operative for current range of 0.1A to 1.0A. The design involved conversion, reduction, rectification, filtration and regulation of the standard AC voltage into the required output. A transformer was used to convert and reduce the AC input, and diodes were used for rectification. A RC network was used for filtering, and circuitry based on an IC... Type: Project

Temperature Measurement Device

Temperature is a physical quantity, which needs to be monitored for various applications. The design was part of a larger project where the data of humidity and temperature was to be recorded using a 68HC11 microprocessor over a week. The temperature sensor need to be within +/- 0.5 °c and function properly within the range of +30°c and -20°c.

... Type: Project

Wave Form Generator

The aim was to analyze and implement a standard time-base wave generator that would produce 0 to 10 volts sawtooth and operate within the frequency of 100 to 1000 Hz. Also, 14 V p-p pulse waveform was required as an out-put. The circuit mainly consisted of hysteresis, which switched according to input from an integrator. The integrator was intern fed an adjusted output from the hysteresis. After analyzing systematically, the component... Type: Project

Three phase Power Inverter

An inverter is a device that converts DC power into AC power. A three phase PWM controlled and sinusoidal output inverter is investigated. The specifications require a 10 KW output at a resistive full load of 4.8 W, and 220 volts line to line AC, rms. From the specifications a 37 A peak to peak to sinusoidal current was expected at the output. A standard topology of an three phase inverter consisting of three one-legged inverters was simulated using MATLAB/... Type: Project

VHDL Implementation of FIFO Buffer

At the register level design components such as decoders, counters, comparators, arithmetic operators, and other are used to design various digital systems. A FIFO buffer is one of the register level components, which can be used to synchronize two different timing devices. Also, it can be used to boost the signal strength of an incoming signal. FIFO buffer can be found in cache controllers, peripheral communication devices, microprocessors... Type: Project

Photovoltaic System Controller Modeling

There are four key components in a solar power system (1) solar panels (2) solar (charge) controller (3) battery and (4) inverter. The solar panel are photovoltaic cells which are made up of silicon. Silicon becomes electrically charged when exposed to sunlight [1]. Thus, solar panels charge the battery. The charge controller ensures that battery is not overcharged. The inverter converts the DC electrical energy from the battery to AC electrical... Type: Project


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