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Three phase Power Inverter

An inverter is a device that converts DC power into AC power. A three phase PWM controlled and sinusoidal output inverter is investigated. The specifications require a 10 KW output at a resistive full load of 4.8 W, and 220 volts line to line AC, rms. From the specifications a 37 A peak to peak to sinusoidal current was expected at the output. A standard topology of an three phase inverter consisting of three one-legged inverters was simulated using MATLAB/Simulink and Simulink Power Libraries. The current of 37 A and line to line voltage of 220 VAC, rms were adequately simulated. The resistive load is not a typical of many applications, thus need to be modified to model for inductive load.

Multi-layer Perceptron Pattern Classification

Artificial neural network can classify groups. Multi-layer perceptron (back propagation) is suitable and widely used to solve complex classification problems. The aim of the project was to "illustrate the learning behavior of back-propagation neural network for pattern classification". In particular, the task was to write a MATLAB program to implement the back propagation algorithm to classify two classes defined by the following conditional probability density functions.

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