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Wave Form Generator

The aim was to analyze and implement a standard time-base wave generator that would produce 0 to 10 volts sawtooth and operate within the frequency of 100 to 1000 Hz. Also, 14 V p-p pulse waveform was required as an out-put. The circuit mainly consisted of hysteresis, which switched according to input from an integrator. The integrator was intern fed an adjusted output from the hysteresis. After analyzing systematically, the component values were determined and the circuit was implemented and tested part by part.

Phase Locked Loop

Phase Locked Loop is an important circuit found in various communication devices, and here studied in a set up to synchronize input and local carrier signals for coherent demodulation of AM signals. PLL consists of a phase detector, a loop filter, and a voltage controlled oscillator. The phase detector and loop filter combined produces an error signal which amplitude is linearly related to the phase difference of input and local carrier signals. The voltage-controlled oscillator adjusts appropriately to tune both signals as desired.

Switch Mode Power Supply Implementation

The purpose was to construct a step-down switch-mode power supply with an output of 5v DC, and operative for current range of 0.1A to 1.0A. The design involved conversion, reduction, rectification, filtration and regulation of the standard AC voltage into the required output. A transformer was used to convert and reduce the AC input, and diodes were used for rectification. A RC network was used for filtering, and circuitry based on an IC pulse width modulator was used for voltage regulation.

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