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Software Development

Multi-layer Perceptron Pattern Classification

Artificial neural network can classify groups. Multi-layer perceptron (back propagation) is suitable and widely used to solve complex classification problems. The aim of the project was to "illustrate the learning behavior of back-propagation neural network for pattern classification". In particular, the task was to write a MATLAB program to implement the back propagation algorithm to classify two classes defined by the following conditional probability density functions.

Photovoltaic System Controller Modeling

There are four key components in a solar power system (1) solar panels (2) solar (charge) controller (3) battery and (4) inverter. The solar panel are photovoltaic cells which are made up of silicon. Silicon becomes electrically charged when exposed to sunlight [1]. Thus, solar panels charge the battery. The charge controller ensures that battery is not overcharged. The inverter converts the DC electrical energy from the battery to AC electrical energy commonly used in the home. The project scope was to develop a hardware software co-description for a solar controller using SystemC.

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