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Excuses, Psychological Determinism, and Capitalism

Excuses are constructed as explanations for our failings or lack of actions. We use excuses to explain our choices and conditions. The tone of excuses is to deny the possibility that our choices or conditions could not be otherwise, and to deny that we possessed freewill. The term excuse is taken in the strictest meaning, cheating ourselves that things could not have been otherwise.

Cosmological Arguments for Existence of God

The existence of God has not been proven undoubtedly. Arguments from entrusting "holy" and historical documents, design arguments, the "ontological argument" and cosmological arguments seek to prove the existence of God from distinct point of views. Cosmological arguments raise the question of "how things are here?. In attempt to answer the question they assert the existence of God.

Encountering Bhagavad Gita

All beings at certain station in their life wonder about the nature and meaning of them, and their existence. A suitable explanation to such elements is necessary to lead our day-to-day life. Lacking of an explanation may devoid our life of goals and could lead to despair. However, to arrive at the suitable explanation is not a mechanical process. Science and Religion offer promises of the solution. Science offers exploration of the universe and potential for complete theories regarding the nature and human condition.

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